Topics of Discussion

Association of Realtors

Broker is a member of the National Association of Realtors.  Broker also has other affiliated memberships to state, regional and local Boards.     

Broker Fee

Broker charges a fixed fee based upon amount of gross commission.  The larger the gross commission awarded the salesperson, the smaller the fee in comparison to the commission awarded.  Broker fee is substantially less than traditional franchises and comparable to other real estate e-brokerages. 

Broker Support

Broker offers e-mail, postal mail, and phone as means to assists its agents in their day to day transactions.


Commissions are paid within seventy-two (72) hours of a closed transaction.  Commissions are paid via company check or wire to salesperson's personal account. 

Contract Forms

Salespersons are required to use Win Forms which is regularly updated by the California Association of Realtors.

Escrow Company

Salespersons may choose their own escrow company.  Broker will coordinate its pay off demand directly with escrow.

Nationwide E-Brokerage

The real estate industry continues to evolve as it adjusts to the dynamic impact left by the subprime lending mortgage crisis.  Experts estimate there are approximately nine million (9,000,000) more foreclosures still to impact the national residential real estate market; consequently, real estate professionals have been forced to cater their approach to the ongoing crisis.  There are an abundance of homes available for less than historical fair market value and most lenders are willing to cooperate with current homeowners in distress seeking short sale.  There are plenty of opportunities for Buyers to take advantage of current prices.  However, given the abundance of opportunities residing within market conditions, there are more and more individuals seeking both part and full time employment working as licensed real estate agents.  The real estate brokerage industry has become extremely competitive.

The industry has evolved and it is necessary to meet the new challenges faced by the new real estate market, current technology and rapidly advancing systems created to accommodate the mass influx of homes on the market. Therefore, Nationwide E-Brokerage has recognized the basic necessity of mobile based agent support for salespersons who want a more aggressive commission structure. 

Nationwide E-Brokerage caters internet based Broker Management and assistance to its salespersons, who are not required to pay the many additional costs associated with joining a traditional independent office or a national franchise.  

Joining the Team

It is necessary to fill out a standard application for our Human Resources department to review.  In order to accommodate infrequent system changes, incentive programs and possible leadership roles, we ask all of our applicants to be complete and accurate.


Nationwide E-Brokerage does not currently have a preferred lender.  If a salesperson does not understand the lending process, we have a number of experienced lenders from various institutions who can provide their assistance.


Nationwide E-Brokerage requires all of its applicants hold a current, valid California Real Estate Sales License.  Nationwide E-Brokerage does not pay referral fees to unlicensed individuals or entities.


Nationwide E-Brokerage is a member of IDX whereby clients of our salespersons are able to access all MLS listings affiliated with our MLS office memberships.  This search engine is accessed through our main company website.  

Nationwide E-Brokerage also requires its salespersons to conform to many consistent guidelines with regards to its marketing.  Although, the independent marketing and advertising of salespersons is unique to each local area, we believe it is pertinent there is uniformity with regards to our company approach to the public sector. 

MLS Membership

Salespersons join their local affiliated MLS office.  It is typically the best way to exclusively market a property.  Agents are expected to adhere to all local office rules and regulations. 


Nationwide E-Brokerage does not provide an office for its salespersons.  Most salespersons utilize a home based office or work in an executive office environment.

Recruitment Program

Nationwide E-Brokerage offers incentives to its salespersons who recommend new team members.  When these team members join, upon their first fifteen closed escrows, the recommending salesperson shall receive a $100 bonus check for each closed transaction, as they occur.

Nationwide E-Brokerage also offers a recruitment program for agents who would like to host recruitment seminars to attract additional agents.

Referral Fees

Please refer to License.

Risk Management

Nationwide E-Brokerage charges an errors and omissions fee for each closed transaction.  

Sales Quotas

Broker may offer incentive programs from time to time, offer regional and/or national awards, but it does not require sales quotas as a prerequisite to doing business as a Nationwide E-Brokerage Salesperson.

Title Company

Salesperson may choose its own preferred title company.


Broker has a mentorship program for its newly licensed salespersons.  Salespersons are expected to be familiar with the Broker Office Policy Manual to effectively understand its policies and procedures.  Broker Support is available via e-mail, postal mail and phone.  The California Association of Realtors provides web based training for its win forms through their website: