Broker Agreement

We are excited you are ready to join the team! Please review and execute the following Indepenent Contractor Agreement and Exhibit(s):

Independent Contractor Agreement

Exhibit A:  Commission Structure, Risk Management/E&O Insurance

Exhibit B:  Other Fees, Fines and Penalties

Exhibit C:  Acknowledgment

Exhibit D:  Notice of Termination

Exhibit E:  Mentorship Program (if applicable only)

Once the application is e-signed, it will be e-mailed to our Human Resource Department.  You will receive a fully executed copy of the Independent Contractor Agreement.  In order to complete the process, you must request change of employment online through the California Department of Real Estate.  Broker will certify and confirm new employment.  Please review other materials in our Human Resources Section which will help accommodate other forms and items necessary for your transition to Nationwide E-Brokerage.

Thank you!


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