“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”      by Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Essayist

Nationwide E-Brokerage is an internet based full service real estate brokerage. It is our desire to be the most innovative and effective real estate e-brokerage in the State of California. In order to accomplish this feat, we have developed five crucial areas of our brokerage: Commission Structure, Flexibility, Agent Support, Marketing and Geographic Location. While formulating our simple plan of action, our aim was to provide the greatest benefit to our agents at the absolute lowest possible cost to our agents, maintaining a marginal profit to the brokerage.

Commission Structure: We utilize an Aggressive FIXED FEE based model, where most agents pay $250 or less per each transaction + E&O to Brokerage.

Flexibility: Each agent has the opportunity to establish their own independent business from whichever location they deem necessary to provide their greatest financial benefit.  In some instances, our brokerage has negotiated a reduced rate for our agents to work out of an Nationwide E-Brokerage executive office utilizing a office layout conducive for real estate brokerage.

Agent Support: We have developed incredible internet based management information systems to govern every aspect of the Brokerage in order to conserve energy and eliminate paper waste. Utilizing our custom designed software, each agent is able to manage multiple clients from anywhere in the world maintaining all aspects of both Broker and Agent California License Requirements.

Marketing: Our marketing team has worked tirelessly to insure the collective efforts of our company design to be streamlined and consistent offering a Huge competitive advantage over other quick start e-brokerages, privately held independent companies and even national franchises.

Geographic Location: We are focusing our energy on the most densely populated areas in the State of California beginning first with the Central Valley, onto the Bay Area and Southern California and future goals to expand nationally. It is our goal to provide the greatest level of service to highly specific target markets providing both our agents and the public sector the greatest level of benefit.